Speaking & Teaching

photograph of child running next to reflecting pond with Chiluly glass art installation
Chihuly Kid, New York Botanical Gardens. Copyright, Jean Bauer.

Talks and Workshops

I am available to speak on a number of topics to technical and non-technical audiences either as an invited speaker or as a workshop leader. Topics include:

  • Modeling complex data structures
  • Data visualization
  • Information design
  • Network analysis
  • Establishing and leading research centers
  • Translating archives into digital resources
  • Pre-digital information networks

To discuss a talk or workshop please contact me directly: jb [at] jeanbauer [dot] com for scheduling and speaker fees.


I have designed three hands-on courses and taught two courses in Digital Humanities and Data Analysis.

Weird Data. Spring 2019, Princeton University, FRS 154. I designed this course for the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning to introduce Princeton freshmen to the practical and theoretical challenges of finding, gathering, analyzing, and publishing data.

Data Visualization Lab for Visualizations in the Humanities: From the Cabinet of Curiosities to the Geoparser. Fall 2013, Brown University, AMST 2661. I created and taught a weekly, hands-on, 1-hour Data Visualization Lab that was designed to support a graduate class on the theory of visualization, and to prepare students to complete a digital humanities project by the end of the semester. (Faculty Instructors Steven Lubar, American Studies, and Massimo Riva, Italian Studies) http://amst2661.wordpress.com/syllabus/

From Vellum to Very Large Databases: Historical Sources Past, Present, and Future. Spring 2010, University of Virginia, HIST 4501. The course focused on the changing nature of historical sources and the implications of these changes for the practice of academic history. http://www.jeanbauer.com/vellum_to_vldb.html


I designed and led two year-long instructional cohorts through the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton. No prior technical experience was required for either cohort.

Social Network Analysis Cohort, 2016-2017. Taught humanities graduate students how to formulate research questions amenable to network analysis and then identify, gather, clean, analyze, and visualize social network data relevant to their research.

Database Cohort, 2017-2018. Taught humanities and social science graduate students and lecturers how to model their data and research questions as a logical system, then implement the model in commandline SQL, and query their database to answer research questions. Worked with CDH development and design team to create common development environment in Vagrant with python3, MySQL, and Django.

Jean Bauer

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