Network Analysis for Humanists

Today I am teaching a workshop called “Network Analysis for Humanists” at Northeastern’s NULab for their Boston Area Days of DH.

If you attended my workshop (or are just interested in learning more), here are a few suggested readings. I would include more, but following the links from Scott Weingart’s blog posts will help you find most of them.

If you have additional readings, put them in the comments and I’ll move them into the main post.

Happy Networking!

Scott Weingart’s Demystifying Networks I & II
2 blog posts from his great blog “The Scottbot Irregular”, republished in the first volume of the Journal of Digital Humanities

Gephi Tutorials
Gephi is one of the main open source packages for analyzing and displaying networks. It is very powerful, but also finicky and rarely intuitive. I strong suggest looking through the 3 ‘Official Tutorials’ before you start using the program. There are presented as slides (without audio) but provide a good overview to the software. If you keep using Gephi, you will probably find yourself returning to them again and again.


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