Category: John Adams

  • Abigail and Thomas

    I probably can’t call Thomas Jefferson a metrosexual in my dissertation, but that’s why I have a blog. Abigail Adams is famous for bringing out the best in her correspondents, but Thomas’s letters to her are particularly striking, perhaps because we have so little to compare them to. He burned his wife’s letters shortly after…

  • Leaks in the Age of Sail

    As a diplomatic historian I have been meaning to write something about the Wikileaks debacle for some time now. However, my good friends at Monticello beat me to it when they interviewed me and then put the podcast online. So head over to their site and check it out. Listen to the podcast

  • Aristocrats, Agendas, & Adams

    Some days I think the biggest problem facing digital historians is our workflow. We are already expected to juggle archival research and secondary readings with teaching and writing. Add a digital project into the mix and the temptation to pull out one’s hair becomes almost irresistible. The madness increases when you are the primary programmer…